Five Keys to Well​-​being. The Essentials of Effective Yoga

by Johann Kotze



The Five Keys to Well-being. The Essentials of Effective Yoga.

The basic principles of doable, practical and effective yoga.

An understanding of the principles underlying the practice of yoga is equally vital for beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners, and for teachers. Anyone broader afield – from bodywork therapists and sports performance facilitators, athletes, and people with desk jobs – will benefit from the sound understanding of good posture, effective breathing and effortless mobility in the Five Keys.

Yoga is a comprehensive and balanced body-mind-spirit practice, so vast in scope that it is arguably the most advanced and effective system of well-being on the planet. The Five Keys to Well-being incorporates mindfulness-based meditation and yoga techniques that energise and focus the body and mind, while simultaneously assisting with stress release. The Five Keys include simple exercises to increase mobility, flexibility and strength, and facilitate the development of an integrated body-mind-spirit lifestyle.

Greater and more sustainable productivity and fulfillment at work and play flow naturally from regular practice of the Five Keys.

The Five Keys to Well-being is available as a 168-page book in a convenient CD-size format, that includes a 70-minute audio-instruction CD. A compact eBook version is also available.

All the techniques are easy to learn and simple to incorporate into any lifestyle.
The Five Keys will help you improve the way you look, feel and think.

● 1. Good posture
● 2. Effective breathing
● 3. Exercises to enhance mobility
● 4. Relaxation and stress release
● 5. Body-mind-spirit integration

The Five Keys are suitable for anyone interested in well-being. Fit or unfit, young or old, healthy or not so healthy, everyone can benefit from these basic yoga practices. Universal and inclusive, these body-mind-spirit practices have no religious or dogmatic bias.


released April 20, 2006



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