1. Shanti Mantra Sound Journey with Janet Farquharson
    Johann Kotze, Janet Farquharson

  2. OM + Mantra Yoga Music
    Johann Kotze

  3. Yoga Music Bliss

  4. The Infinite Way Consciousness Music for Meditation & Yoga

  5. Ancient Temple Yoga, Mantra & Meditation Music
    Chris Tokalon & Johann Kotze

  6. New Earth Rising Light Body Transformation

  7. Cosmic Voyage Light Body Activation

  8. Heart-Mind-Cosmic Consciousness Connector

  9. Expand Consciousness Binaural EP

  10. Clear - Binaural Beat Collection
    Being Ambient Music Therapy

  11. Ethereal Chime SPACEDROPS EP

  12. Ethereal Chime
    Johann Kotze

  13. Cosmic Waves - Music for Meditation

  14. Ambient Ocean - Ambient Music with Ocean Sounds

  15. Consciousness Music for Deep State Meditation & Therapy

  16. Ambient Binaural Spa - Solfeggio Heart Chakra Frequency & DNA Repair

  17. Ambient SPA Rainforest Dream

  18. Ambient Isochronic Spa - Solfeggio Heart Chakra Frequency & DNA Repair

  19. Ambient SPA An EP Collection

  20. Deep Mind Meditation & Yoga Nidra Music

  21. Ambient Music Therapy Vol. 1 Music for Hypnotherapy

  22. Intuition - Music for Yoga Nidra

  23. Ambient Nature Deep Sleep Ocean Dream with Pink Noise

  24. A night-time drive (EP Edition)

  25. SURF Lounge - S.U.R.F. Chill-out Beach Lounge

  26. Surf's Up Surf Lounge EP
    Being Ambient Music Surf Lounge Featuring PRANA

  27. Desert Star Near Eastern Chill-out

  28. iBiZA Chill-out Lounge - Strange Dream EP

  29. iBiZA Chill-out Lounge - Late night/early a.m.

  30. iBiZA Chill-out Lounge - Sunkissed

  31. Afro Chill Lounge Experience

  32. Ambient Nasqueron Ambient Space Sci-fi

  33. State of Grace EP
    Johann Kotze

  34. Infinitude Cinematic Electronica

  35. A Collection of Shorter Tracks

  36. Ambient Music for Long Journeys

  37. Innermost Quiet: Ambient Music for Deep State Therapy Vol. 1

  38. Inner Light: Ambient Music for Deep State Therapy Vol. 2

  39. Zen Heart, Zen Mind EP

  40. Junglevibe EP

  41. Sky Lounge

  42. Zen Lounge PRANA Vol. 1

  43. Zen Lounge PRANA Vol. 2

  44. Ambient Music 1 A night-time drive
    Johann Kotze

  45. Music for Pregnancy and Birth

  46. Easy Listening Background Music for Functions

  47. Easy Listening at Cafe Sky

  48. Yoga Nidra & Relaxation with Nina Saacks
    Nina Saacks

  49. Meditation Lounge Mindfulness Instruction & Music
    Johann Kotze with Being Ambient Music

  50. Five Keys to Well-being. The Essentials of Effective Yoga
    Johann Kotze

  51. The Gifts of Yoga
    Johann Kotze

  52. Body-Mind-Spirit
    Johann Kotze

  53. Seisoene (Seasons)

  54. Zen Heart, Zen Mind Ringtones

  55. Ambient Ocean Ambient Nature Ringtones, Sounds & Alerts

  56. Cosmic Waves Free Ringtone Download

  57. Wake Up In Peace Free Ringtone Download Alarm

  58. Ambient Nature RingTones

  59. Ambient Nasqueron Free Ringtone Download
    Ambient Space Sci-fi MIXED by PRANA

  60. Star Message Alerts

  61. Chill-out Free Ringtone Download

  62. iBiZA LOUNGE Sunkissed Ringtones

  63. Surf's Up Free Ringtone Download

  64. iBiZA Lounge: Late night/early a.m. Ringtones

  65. ZenLounge Vol 1 RingTones

  66. Sky Lounge Ringtones

  67. Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy Free Ringtone Download

  68. New Year Party Free Ringtone Download


Johann Kotze Music & Yoga / Being Ambient Music Cape Town, South Africa

Created by Johann Kotze, Yogi, Musician "Co-creation with Soul Purpose & Divine Will". Includes back catalog of Being Ambient Music.

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