1. Ethereal Chime
    Johann Kotze

  2. Ethereal Chime SPACEDROPS EP

  3. Yoga Music Bliss

  4. The Infinite Way Consciousness Music for Meditation & Yoga

  5. New Earth Rising Light Body Transformation

  6. Cosmic Voyage Light Body Activation

  7. Heart-Mind-Cosmic Consciousness Connector

  8. Expand Consciousness Binaural EP

  9. Clear - Binaural Beat Collection
    Being Ambient Music Therapy

  10. Cosmic Waves - Music for Meditation

  11. Ambient Ocean - Ambient Music with Ocean Sounds

  12. Consciousness Music for Deep State Meditation & Therapy

  13. Ambient Binaural Spa - Solfeggio Heart Chakra Frequency & DNA Repair

  14. Ambient SPA Rainforest Dream

  15. Ambient Isochronic Spa - Solfeggio Heart Chakra Frequency & DNA Repair

  16. Ambient SPA An EP Collection

  17. Deep Mind Meditation & Yoga Nidra Music

  18. Ambient Music Therapy Vol. 1: Music for Hypnotherapy

  19. Intuition - Music for Yoga Nidra

  20. Ambient Nature Deep Sleep Ocean Dream with Pink Noise

  21. A night-time drive (EP Edition)

  22. SURF Lounge - S.U.R.F. Chill-out Beach Lounge

  23. Surf's Up Surf Lounge EP
    Being Ambient Music Surf Lounge Featuring PRANA

  24. Desert Star Near Eastern Chill-out

  25. iBiZA Chill-out Lounge - Strange Dream EP

  26. iBiZA Chill-out Lounge - Late night/early a.m.

  27. iBiZA Chill-out Lounge - Sunkissed

  28. Afro Chill Lounge Experience

  29. Ambient Nasqueron Ambient Space Sci-fi

  30. State of Grace EP
    Johann Kotze

  31. Infinitude Cinematic Electronica

  32. A Collection of Shorter Tracks

  33. Ambient Music for Long Journeys

  34. Innermost Quiet: Ambient Music for Deep State Therapy Vol. 1

  35. Inner Light: Ambient Music for Deep State Therapy Vol. 2

  36. Zen Heart, Zen Mind EP

  37. Junglevibe EP

  38. Sky Lounge

  39. Zen Lounge PRANA Vol. 1

  40. Zen Lounge PRANA Vol. 2

  41. Ambient Music 1 A night-time drive
    Johann Kotze

  42. Music for Pregnancy and Birth

  43. Easy Listening Background Music for Functions

  44. Easy Listening at Cafe Sky

  45. Yoga Nidra & Relaxation with Nina Saacks
    Nina Saacks

  46. Meditation Lounge Mindfulness Instruction & Music
    Johann Kotze with Being Ambient Music

  47. Five Keys to Well-being. The Essentials of Effective Yoga
    Johann Kotze

  48. The Gifts of Yoga
    Johann Kotze

  49. Body-Mind-Spirit
    Johann Kotze

  50. Seisoene (Seasons)

  51. Zen Heart, Zen Mind Ringtones

  52. Ambient Ocean Ambient Nature Ringtones, Sounds & Alerts

  53. Cosmic Waves Free Ringtone Download

  54. Wake Up In Peace Free Ringtone Download Alarm

  55. Ambient Nature RingTones

  56. Ambient Nasqueron Free Ringtone Download
    Ambient Space Sci-fi MIXED by PRANA

  57. Star Message Alerts

  58. Chill-out Free Ringtone Download

  59. iBiZA LOUNGE Sunkissed Ringtones

  60. Surf's Up Free Ringtone Download

  61. iBiZA Lounge: Late night/early a.m. Ringtones

  62. ZenLounge Vol 1 RingTones

  63. Sky Lounge Ringtones

  64. Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy Free Ringtone Download

  65. New Year Party Free Ringtone Download

  66. Affirmation Well-being

  67. Affirmation Weight Loss

  68. Affirmation Financial Success

  69. Affirmation Alcohol Addiction Release

  70. Affirmation Smoking Addiction Release

  71. Affirmation Relationship Harmony


Being Ambient Music Cape Town, South Africa

Being Ambient Music is created by Johann Kotze, musician/producer and yoga teacher.

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